Getting Old(er)


I just ran 2.5 miles, on a treadmill.  The last time I ran was in May 2013.  There is no combination of letters on my keyboard to create the sound my body is making right now.

Next month, I turn 40.  It’s one of those significant round number years.  So, I plan to celebrate.  I don’t care too much about my age, as a matter of fact, I more often measure how old I feel by my children’s age.  My older son is about to turn 17 in a couple of weeks.  That’s where it hits me.  I’m a man-child with a 17 year old.  Dumbfounding.

Last year, I was inspired by a poignant video.  This video, to be specific:

And so, I am taking the idea of the video and making it my own.  One of my favorite climbing destinations is Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas, where they have an area called The North Forty.  It is there that I will climb 40 climbs for my 40th birthday.

I’m bringing a crew of friends, some ropes and draws, and a camera or two.

To prepare, I ran today. Last night, I started my old hangboard routine.   I did auto-belay laps at the gym a few nights ago.  I’ve got five weeks to get ready for this event and while The North Forty holds many “easier” climbs, I don’t want to have any excuse not to meet my goal.


And so begins the countdown.  The end of my 30’s is nigh.  There’s nowhere to go but up.




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