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Government Bay; Beyond Blueberry Fortress

A twenty minute kayak ride away from Nelson’s Resort is Government Bay, which holds the instant classic, Blueberry Fortress. After many weeks away from Government Bay exploring other areas, I returned this week in search of a new line.     This line has a solid belay ledge. About ten feet to climber’s left, the … Continue reading


Climbers, Meet M&M Hill

This week marks three months since I moved to Nelson’s Resort to tend bar and begin developing M&M Hill in earnest. It felt appropriate that I spent September 15 as I spent my first day here, developing a new route and then heading off to work. So, what is M&M Hill? M&M Hill is the … Continue reading


Papaya and Blueberry Dreams: Late Night Rambling

Is this really happening? I’m starting to consider the fact that I might be dreaming. That, although it is after one in the morning, that perhaps it is one in the morning somewhere else, and I am asleep, and that in a moment I’ll feel that jerking feeling that snaps me back to reality and … Continue reading

The Crunge: 33 Feet of Goodness

Now open at M&M Hill, The Crunge. This may be the purest, most beautiful line I’ve found at the Hill yet. 33 feet of crimps, finger and hand jams, and glorious footwork. I’m in love. Sadly, I was unable to pull off the send on self belay today, falling short just a few feet from … Continue reading

One Week in Paradise

Today marks one week since I’ve been at Nelson’s Resort in Crane Lake living a life outside of my boxes. I am covered in welts and scabs and bites from a variety of bugs and critters. I live in a small single bedroom with a shared bathroom and walk about a hundred yards to my … Continue reading



Recently, I announced changes in my life and asked for some assistance. Friends and family have come through in a big way. I’m running in every direction right now trying to get out of town and keep up with prior plans and obligations. This page is meant to thank donors of my bolting fund and supporters … Continue reading

New bolt on the Willie Wall; M&M Hill


I’m making some life changes. Here is the quick and dirty followed by a more nuanced story. Monday, I gave two week notice at my cubicle job of 6+ years. Two weeks from now, I’m heading north to Nelson’s Resort in Crane Lake, MN to be a full time bartender while living in staff housing … Continue reading

Meetup at Academy

Overview – 2015 Twin Cities Rock Climbing Social

Over the past couple of weeks, I have posted a lot of information about the 2015 TCRC Social happening at the Midwest Climbing Academy Saturday, March 21. Here is a recap of what is going on and what you can expect. The event is scheduled 4-9 pm on Saturday, 3/21/15 The main climbing area in … Continue reading

Coach's Trifecta

A Glimpse of Spring in Minnesota

Oh, what a glorious few days we’ve had. A little over a week ago, it was subzero. Today, 60+. During that time, climbing seasons collided. In Sandstone, MN last weekend, ice climbers were abundant at the Sandstone Ice Park. However, I arrived with friend and youth coach, Tyler, to soak in the sun and rising … Continue reading


Outdoor Climbing in a Minneapolis City Park? Yes, Please.

This photo is an outdoor climbing structure in a city park in Columbus, OH. It is free to use and sits in the park just like a typical school yard playground. Would you like to see something like this in Minneapolis? It has just come to our attention that there is an opportunity to make … Continue reading

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