Sean Foster

Sean Foster Redpoints Sigma! from AdventureMNFilms on Vimeo.


In terms of giving beta, “just” is a terrible word to use. “Just stand up.” “Just use the mono, then dyno to the crimp.” “Just put your foot by your ear.” If it were just that easy, the climber probably would have figured it out alone and would have no use for such paltry beta. It was a discussion about the word that led to the name JustClimbMN. An homage, if you will.

JustClimbMN hopes to be a resource for climbing in Minnesota, but more importantly, a place for sharing adventure through photos, videos, and words. It is a place to combine our socially networked enjoyment of all things Minnesota climbing and highlight the many beautiful crags and boulders that our beautiful state has to offer. It is a place to connect with your climbing brethren and all the various associations of climbers that exist around Minnesota.

Celebrating Minnesota climbers, that’s what it’s all about.