Finding Willow

Once upon a time, I was intimidated by the crag at Willow River; as such, I have rarely been there. That once upon a time lasted until... just now, when I chose to make it past tense. A day or two ago, depending on when I get around to posting this, I spent the morning … Continue reading Finding Willow

The 40 Year Old Virginian

Born in Virginia and raised in Maryland, I began climbing in Minnesota at the age of 34.  This year, I turned the big 4-Oh my god what am I doing with my life?!?, and set about to test myself with the climber's birthday challenge; climbing the number of routes equal to your age in a single day. Originally … Continue reading The 40 Year Old Virginian

By the Numbers

Back at work after a long week of birthday travels, I began looking at the climbs from my 40 in the North Forty project.  Here is a quick breakdown: Specifically, here are the 40 climbs that I did (in order) in the North Forty one day this past weekend in honor of my 40th birthday: Route Grade (book) … Continue reading By the Numbers