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Twin Cities Rock Climbing Meetup is a group that plans regular and spontaneous gym sessions, organizes outdoor climbing and camping adventures, and attends other climbing related events like adventure film festivals, competitions, and MCA Adopt-a-Crag cleanups.  Our members are climbers of all experience levels.  Whether you are new to the sport and looking to learn, experienced and in need of new partners, or new to town and trying to find the climbing community, TCRC Meetup can be your gateway to Minnesota climbing.

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Find TCRC logo gear at the Twin Cities Rock Climbing shop.

TCRC is on Facebook with a group page that climbers use to connect on the fly.  You can sign up through Meetup to have new events emailed to you or check the TCRC calendar on your own.

Read more about Twin Cities Rock Climbing Meetup under the Pages tab.  If you are brand new to climbing in Minnesota, visit our Getting Started page.



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    Thankful for friends who bundle up, tape away the strains and cuts, push themselves beyond their limits in order to create new limits (or to challenge that there are no limits). Thankful for climbing metaphors about failing and falling and then getting after it again; in climbing you get that second chance, third chance, fourth to get it right for as long as your psych and determination will carry you. Thankful for bridges and man hugs, other people's dogs (and cats) and couches, and sporadic work opportunities. Never been less sure about what's in store tomorrow, but today there will be #climbing and feasting and friends and family. The rest will sort itself out and when I fail, when I fall again, may I have the courage to dust myself off, tie back in, and keep getting after it.
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