Peter Fest Four

An irreverent look back at PeterFestFour. Valentines Day Weekend | Sandstone Ice Park | Sandstone, MN Are we really still doing this? PeterFest. rePeterFest. 3PeterFest. I suppose next year everyone will want PeterVFest or something; held at the Hilton with D'Amico and Sons catering the affair. We've gotten soft. Or, was that the best PeterFest … Continue reading Peter Fest Four


Thawing Out in MN with Daylight Saving Climbing

The practice of Daylight Saving Time was observed in most of the country again this past weekend.  On my Facebook feed, there were a lot of statuses (statii?) grumbling about loss of sleep or missed alarms, but then... then came the climbing pictures. Aside from DST kicking in, MN is having its first extended thaw … Continue reading Thawing Out in MN with Daylight Saving Climbing

Save Sandstone Bouldering!

Today, the MCA announced that a purchase agreement has been signed between the private land owners in Sandstone, MN and the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota that will save Sandstone bouldering! Now, it is up to the climbing community to help raise $25,000 to help pay for the expenses already incurred and to help … Continue reading Save Sandstone Bouldering!