Climbers, Meet M&M Hill

This week marks three months since I moved to Nelson’s Resort to tend bar and begin developing M&M Hill in earnest. It felt appropriate that I spent September 15 as I spent my first day here, developing a new route and then heading off to work. So, what is M&M Hill? M&M Hill is the … Continue reading Climbers, Meet M&M Hill


The Crunge: 33 Feet of Goodness

Now open at M&M Hill, The Crunge. This may be the purest, most beautiful line I've found at the Hill yet. 33 feet of crimps, finger and hand jams, and glorious footwork. I'm in love. Sadly, I was unable to pull off the send on self belay today, falling short just a few feet from … Continue reading The Crunge: 33 Feet of Goodness