Recently, I announced changes in my life and asked for some assistance. Friends and family have come through in a big way. I’m running in every direction right now trying to get out of town and keep up with prior plans and obligations. This page is meant to thank donors of my bolting fund and supporters of my plan in general. At this time, I’m out of time and haven’t finished working on this post. I’ll update in the near future. Thank you everyone for you support!

Jeff and Tyler Tyler Hoffart and Jeff Engel

I have to start with these guys. They’ve taken me under their wings, included me in their secret travels, taught me to fix and establish routes, and trusted me to strike out on my own.

Sheila at Shovel Point Deb (Sheila) Barton

Ben Mueller and mother Pam Leviton

John John Hemann

Patrick Patrick Maun

Sean McEligot

Chris Worlow

Angie on Jump Start Angie Jacobsen

Nate Nate Flink

Kristen Kristen Weber

Jed Jed Anderson

Alison Behnke

Trinh Mai

Jake Gale

Jesse Jay Daun

Chad Anderson

Brett Portner-Kuhlow

Ryan Wilkus

Paul Yager

Carole Engel

Andy and Janell Nelson

Kris in Spearfish Kris Tyson

Sam Alexander

Kerry Schultz

Bryan Holcomb

Adam Laurenzo

Brenda Piekarski

Pete Jackson

Ed Lysne

Richard Cargill

Rhod Peterson

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