Peter Fest Four

An irreverent look back at PeterFestFour.

Valentines Day Weekend | Sandstone Ice Park | Sandstone, MN

Are we really still doing this? PeterFest. rePeterFest. 3PeterFest. I suppose next year everyone will want PeterVFest or something; held at the Hilton with D’Amico and Sons catering the affair. We’ve gotten soft. Or, was that the best PeterFest ever? ONE PETERFEST TO RULE THEM ALL!

It was a cold weekend. Subzero overnights. Single digit days. And the wind. The wind hurt.

Flakes Tree

The brave and the stupid alike camped out anyway Friday night, climbed Saturday, and had a choice to make about where to spend that night (along with Saturday arrivals). Instead of the traditional bonfire in the quarry and tents in the snow, many festies holed up in the Lowry Lodge a few miles away at the Audubon Center. Peter had wisely made alternate plans this year as the real face of winter was once again going to make an appearance during this otherwise mild season.

Blah, blah, blah. If you weren’t there, you probably don’t care. And if you were, you know what went down.

People climbed!

PFF climbing PFF Stage Wall

Yeah PFF!

People raffled!

Raffle  Puffy


Having the Lodge to crash in turned Saturday night into a giant slumber party complete with speed climbing awards, raffle prizes from great sponsors, games of Cards Against Humanity, samples donated by Bent Paddle, and a surprising lack of fireworks.

There was cake!

Cake PeterFestFour


Sunday, many made the traditional breakfast stop at Amy’s Country Cafe and headed back to the ice park for more climbing.

Zach Erik


In keeping with his motto, “turning money into ice since 2013”, Peter raised somewhere in the neighborhood of a grand that he intends to donate to the Minnesota Climbers Association to help fund the annual Sandstone Ice Park ice farming expenses. That’s a lot of cash.

Cheers to everyone who threw down on raffle tickets. Your dollars will help hundreds of people enjoy next year’s ice. Cheers to Peter for creating memories for the masses (as well as shirts and stickers!).

What began as a dozen or so climbers one weekend in early 2012 drew nearly 100 people in 2015 from all walks of Peter’s life. Some came to spectate, some came to climb. Everyone came to have a good time and once again, PeterFest delivered. In the aftermath, social media was aflood with pictures, new friendships, and heaping piles of gratitude.

As a fellow organizer of things, I am impressed and thankful for what Peter has accomplished this year, and in years past. No matter the cause, events like these bring our community together, grow friendships, expand experiences, and make us all better people. Thank you, Peter.


Until next time, remember, this is what psyched looks like.


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