2015 ABS Youth Nationals

The 2015 ABS Youth National Championship is happening right now at Monona Terrace in Madison, WI. As I write this, I am, for the first time ever, able to watch a live stream of the action online. For a handful of years, Louder Than 11 has streamed the ABS Open Nationals with commentators and commercials and scoring updates; however, this is the first year that the youth comp has been streamed. As such, it does not come with all the bells and whistles of last weekend.

2015 ABS Nationals from Monona Terrace
2015 ABS Nationals from Monona Terrace

The youth broadcast is terrific, though. While there is no sound or commentary, you do have incredible control over how you watch it. LT11 has eight cameras rolling right now, each pointed at a different problem. They have set up individual live stream videos for each division and within that video, you can toggle between the four problems competitors have to climb. Additionally, the live streams record and become YouTube videos that you can go back and watch at your convenience. Pairing this technology with the running order schedule that is provided with each video, it is possible to backtrack and watch the exact climber on the exact problem you want at any given time.

Go to LT11.tv to tune into the action. Click on the link in the header of the video to be taken to YouTube, where there is also a chat room that you can participate in. Qualifying rounds are today, Friday, Feb 13. Semis are tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 14. Finals are Sunday, Feb 15. Full schedule here.

Local climber and USA Climbing setter, Nic O. is the chief in charge of setting for this weekend’s event and we have many local youth climbers heading to our neighbor state attempting to lay claim to the National title.

Follow these MN youth climbers* in action all weekend:

BIB # | First Name | Last Name | Gender | Category | Team Name

F1125 Victoria Gezel Female Youth D *None/Not listed

  • Finished 20 of 36

M1110 Cedar Holden Male Youth D Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Advanced to Semis in 8th
  • Advanced to Finals in 7th
  • Finished 7 out of 36

F1206 Abigail York Female Youth C Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Advanced to Semis in 13th
  • Advanced to Finals in 10th
  • Finished 9 out of 37

M1212 Michael D’Amato Male Youth C Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Finished 34 of 36

F1421 Isabel Barrientos Female Youth B Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Finished 21 of 37

M1415 Simon Broan Male Youth B Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Finished 34 of 35

M1421 Sam Struthers Male Youth B Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Finished 24 of 35

M1618 Kyle Struthers Male Youth A Midwest Climbing Academy

  • Advanced to Semis in 6th
  • Finished 15 of 37

Kyle Struthers

M1634 Isaac Duncan Male Youth A VE Mountain Goats

  • Finished 23 of 37

F1834 Allison Molitor Female Junior VE Mountain Goats

  • Finished 21 of 37

*Apologies to anyone missed from the ABSNationals.org competitor listing.

Such as

F1806 Kyra Condie Female Junior *None/Not listed – 3 time Youth National Champion and defending Female Junior Champ

  • Advanced to Semis in 6th
  • Advanced to Finals in 2nd
  • Finished 3 of 37
  • Earned invite to Team USA

Kyra Condie


Updated with results from Qualifiers.

Find all scoring updates and running orders at the ABS Nationals News page.

Scoring chart from Climbing Narc


One thought on “2015 ABS Youth Nationals

  1. A great thing about this video format is that you can go to the older videos, find the climber you want to follow, watch them on problem 1, toggle to camera 2, skip ahead 4 minutes, watch them on problem 2, and so on. You get to see their entire round one problem after the other!

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