Setting Goals: 2015 Edition

In 2013, I set some climbing goals.  Climb Sigma, arguably the best 5.12 in Minnesota, and send all the pesky 5.11+ climbs in Red Wing that I was continually one-hanging.  Goal met.

In 2014, I set a goal of climbing 40 climbs in a day for my 40th birthday; “the birthday challenge”.  Goal met.

Joshua Tree, CA
Once upon a time, trad leading outside of my comfort zone in Joshua Tree. This was a trip that I never would have planned until my sister announced her destination wedding. It became the perfect excuse to climb somewhere “exotic”. My next excuse? Because I want to!

Now, I’m looking ahead to 2015.  How will I challenge myself?

Whatever it is, I want to go bigger.  Multi-pitch sport routes have been on my mind for years.  That doesn’t really exist in the Midwest, however.  And so, I must travel.  My job allows me ample time off throughout the year, but funds… funds are my struggle.

The answer: GRANTS!  I will be applying to American Alpine Club for their annual Live Your Dream grant.  It’s the only one that I know of, though, having had a friend or two win it in the past.

What other grants are out there for climbers looking for adventure outside of their means?  If you know, comment or get in touch with me.  

What destinations do you think of when you hear multi-pitch sport?  I think of Smith Rock and El Portrero Chico.

I’ve got time to plan, but am looking for advice, input, experience… If reading this resonates with you and sparks an idea, let me know.  Many thanks, friends.

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