SCS Youth Nationals Update

Photo: USA Climbing

Been lax with Youth SCS coverage this year, so here is the update! According to a quick scan of yesterdays results, 3 MN climbers have made it through to semi-finals in sport climbing and 5 have made it to semis in speed climbing.

Good luck to our local youth competitors!!

Coulter Holden (MYC) from Midwest Climbing Academy
Benjamin Mechelke (MJR) from Vertical Endeavors – Mountain Goats
and reigning National Champion, Kyra Condie (FJR)

Cedar Holden (MYD) from Midwest Climbing Academy ~ 15.63 sec
Michael “Bug” D’Amato (MYD) from Midwest Climbing Academy ~ 15.75 sec
Evan Anderson (MYC) from Midwest Climbing Academy ~ 10.58 sec
Isabel Barrientos (FYC) from Midwest Climbing Academy ~ 10.65 sec
and 2013 Continental Champion, Kyra Condie (FJR) ~ 8.62 sec

***Update: Read the format wrong.  Day 2 qualifiers today.  Find more info at

***Updated update: after 2 rounds of qualifiers, Kyra Condie and Ben Mechelke have made it through to tomorrow’s semi-final round.


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