Passion for Flashin’ 2014

The 21st annual Passion for Flashin’ comp at VE – St Paul is in the bag.

This year I volunteered as a spotter, starting in B2 before working my way to B1, taking pictures along the way.

There were a smaller number of participants this year, which allowed climbers to work through lines much quicker than in years past.  While that might not have been advantageous to VE’s bottom line on the comp, it certainly did seem to be a benefit for the climbers participating.  Perhaps in years to come, a cap can be placed on the number of climbers allowed to register for Passion to avoid some of the chaos I’ve seen in other years, while still attracting enough participants for VE to reach its goals.

Final scores have been published on VE’s website, however, at the time of this post, the scores seem to be at the end of the open climbing session and before finals.

Winners, as I saw it, were:

Open Men’s – Benjamin Mechelke

Open Women’s – Allison Molitor

Advanced Men’s – tie: Anders Hendrickson and Sam Struthers (edited after posting)

Advanced Women’s – Rose Adler-Rephan


Men’s Open Winner


Women’s Open Winner


All finalists videos can be seen at the JustClimbMN YouTube channel.

Next up for me is the NSS comp at the Duluth VE on Feb 22, where I will be competing and talking to climbers about the Minnesota Climbers Association.



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