Jeff’s World – The Video

A look at a quick weekend run up to Jeff’s World with area namesake, Jeff, and some other Twin Cities climbers.

We started the weekend at Secret Lake, peeked at The Swamp wall (deep water soloing), and ended up at Jeff’s World (proper). A few of the gang spent extended time at The Swamp carving out future lines and testing the water depth. A new trad line saw an FA, a previously bolted line saw an FA, and new future boulders were cleaned. There is so much potential up there.

From Twin Cities, drive north to Crane Lake, float your way to the trail head on the island, hike past a bunch of cairns, and your there. Easy.

Visit for more information on the area and suggestions on how to plan for it.



Song in video is Moving to Canada by Cloud Cult off the album Advice From a Happy Hippopotamus, which I own and fully endorse. Buy Cloud Cult songs, albums, and concert tickets. I’ve seen them live many times and they never disappoint.



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