An Incomplete Look at Prairie Fire, 5.10+

Ah, video projects… I so much want to follow through on every one that I start, but sadly, do not.

Found this video that I started last year for a friend that deployed overseas for six months before being able to send a project.  So, another friend and I went to climb and film it so she could study the lower crux and crush it on her return.

The video never was completed and the military friend never revisited her project after returning from the Middle East.

Until today.  We are scheduled to go and crush some Red Wing goodness this afternoon.  So, in honor, I dug up the partially edited video.

There is no audio, so I found another video to provide a soundtrack.  Start the music video first, then start the climbing video.  They almost sync.



The climb: Prairie Fire, Red Wing, MN





2 thoughts on “An Incomplete Look at Prairie Fire, 5.10+

  1. Loving the Chalk Dip Count toward the end of the video. I wonder what I would see of my own “Security Blanket” use of chalk while climbing. I bet most of it is subconscious and not necessary.

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