Sunday Evening at Louisville Swamp

Just scored a pair of Mad Rock Concepts and wanted to keep a good weekend going. Headed down to Louisville Swamp Boulder on a Sunday evening for a few climbs and some camera time.

Aside from a passing family, I had the rock to myself.  A nice breeze, blue sky, sunshine; it’s days like these to live for.


My first idea for JustClimb was a few years ago now.  I sketched a stick figure scene of a climber on a boulder and a person with a camera perched on a tree branch.  JustClimb turned out to be a taken name, hence JustClimbMN.

I’ve shot a few videos since then and it’s a lot of work.  It takes a strange amount of energy to use a camera with other people; it’s a mode you have to switch into.  And never having edited before, well, I’m a little challenged in that area.  I’ve got some basics down, but haven’t learned many tricks of the trade to make it easier or more pretty.

I was inspired again recently while hanging out with Brenda from Adventure MN Films.  So, I grabbed my tripod and camera and went to the swamp.  The only way to learn and improve a new skill set is to get out and do it.  Like learning to lead when you’ve only top roped, or learning to boulder when you’ve only climbed tethered.

This is the result of a little inspiration along with an original song from my son, Lucas.  Nothing fancy, but it got me moving again.




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