Jug-or-Not 2013

The days of April 18-20 whizzed by in a blur like the blinding, sleeting, snowy mess that fell that Thursday night.  We got around 10 inches in the cities that day throwing a kink into my TCRC Meetup party that was happening in St Paul, but that is another story.

By Saturday the 20th, conditions had improved and climbers from all around were descending on VE in Minneapolis for the second annual Jug-or-Not competition.  I am only now digging out of the piles that have accumulated around me since then.


I was on hand repping the Minnesota Climbers Association.  We raised over $1200 with a gear raffle to benefit our general fund that supports bolting, access, and stewardship efforts.  My friends from Mad Rock were also on hand with a shoe demo and raffle.

Photo from VEM on FB

In the morning, youth climbers competed with scores counting towards their 2013 SCS season tally.  The VE climb team, Mountain Goats, has many talented youth climbers that are heading to SCS Regionals May 10-12 in Kansas City.

In the afternoon, adult climbers got their turn on the walls.  There were many familiar faces and the spirit of comp life was alive and well.  It was exciting to see many newer climbers that I know testing the waters and enjoying the festivities.  I look forward to watching their progression from the beginner and intermediate divisions to the advanced and open, especially in the women’s division as so many of our strong, competing women have moved to other locales in recent years.

Winning the Women’s Open division was the odds favorite, Kyra Condie.  In the Men’s Open, Wei Tilleskjor brought home the win as the only finalist able to stick the daring lead dyno that was built into the finals route.

mid-air Wei

Another successful comp in the books.  VEM has a winner with Jug-or-Not.  The two phase setup allows SCS kids to compete in the morning and gives adult climbers the afternoon to go at it, making for a much smoother flow and lessening the wait that occurs on the popular division overlapping routes.

Jug-or-Not also capped off three VE comps where MCA was able to come in and raise some money through raffles while spreading the good word about outdoor climbing.  Between Duluth, St Paul, and Minneapolis VE comps, we raised over $2500!

Oktboulderfest is the next VE comp that I’m aware of and is typically the last weekend in October in St Paul.  Get psyched!



Jug-or-Not 2013 official results

JustClimbMN Jug-or-Not 2013 photos

VEM on FB Jug-or-Not 2013 photos


Jug-or-Not 2013 Highlights

Video by Brendan Harris, music by Simon Lacey.


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