ABS14 Nationals and the MN Connection

It’s a pretty amazing time when I can sit in my office and rewatch live footage of the ABS14 Nationals finals from the past weekend.  But, thanks to Louder than 11, that is just what I am doing.  The qualifiers and semifinals were broadcast and archived as well for the full experience.

In Minnesota, many of us were stoked on seeing Kyra Condie climbing live in the qualifiers and advance onto the semifinals where she placed ninth overall, a huge accomplishment in this stacked field of women.

Kyra is a force in our region and has competed nationally and internationally.  First place finishes in the local 2012 Jug-or-Not comp, 2012 SCS Youth Divisionals, and 2012 ABS Youth Nationals (Youth A division) are but a few of her achievements.  She is off to ABS14 Youth Nationals this weekend to defend her title, good luck Kyra!

Winning 2012 SCS Youth Divisional Championship
Click pic for full album

The youth program in Minnesota is strong.  As a gym climber, I see these kids working out and growing and supporting each other every week.  It is a good time in the climbing community.  We are in the running for a spot in the 2020 Olympics and national comps are being broadcast.  Kids are finding role models and setting goals of performing at the highest levels.  Personally, I find it all quite inspiring.

Seeing a kid from my home gym climbing with, and legitimately competing against, professional climbers that I see in magazines, blogs, and videos is a thrill.  I’m looking forward to the day when the Twin Cities hosts a national comp and I can watch it live instead of on my second monitor.  But, it’ll do… for now.


Kyra’s 2012 Jug-or-Not Final



2 thoughts on “ABS14 Nationals and the MN Connection

  1. Absolutely! We’re growing some strong climbers at VE indeed. Sending 13 Youth to Nationals proves that the flatlanders can pull plastic with the best of them.

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