V12 in Sandstone, MN makes the top 100 problems in the US

Urban Climber Magazine compiled a list of the top 100 boulder problems across the United States and among them, one was chosen from Minnesota.  Riding the edge at #100 is The Raven (V12) at Sandstone; FA: Nic Oklobzija.

Surprisingly, a V0 and a V2 made the top 15.  But, when you see the problems, both located in Hueco Tanks, it is easy to see why they are contenders.  The Maiden (V0) is beyond a highball at 35’ to the top out on a wall filled with huecos, while Ghetto Simulator (V2) is described as a line “everyone should do… when visiting Hueco”.

But I digress, back to The Raven…

(source: Minnesota Bouldering blog)

First ascent by Nic O, who writes on his blog, “I had a major epic with this one. It took me 20 days. I injured my finger, punted on the end like 3 times, had a bunch of wablers and finally sent. It is still the BEST PROBLEM I HAVE EVER CLIMBED.”

There you have it kids.  Strong climbing doesn’t come easy.  Sometimes it takes 20 days and an injured finger.  Sometimes more.

See the full list of America’s top 100 boulder problems here.


Post originally written 1/23/12

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