Save Sandstone Merchandise

MCA is partnering with PTCM and AF to purchase private land in Sandstone, MN that holds some of the best boulders in the state.  Read about the MCA funraising efforts here.  Organic Climbing donated slider pads and chalk bags and buckets with the Save Sandstone logo to the cause – now for sale on the MCA website.

organic-chalkbags-buckets organic-slider-pads

TCRC Meetup t-shirt

Limited edition tees for TCRC Meetup.  $17 while supplies last.  Email sean (at) to order.

60093_10201845160671781_1940298287_n     539611_10201245809899085_458856653_n


Escape Climbing

Local hold making company, Escape, offers climbing holds and more.  After spotting some chalk bags around town, I was able to score an Escape logo chalk bucket for my bouldering sessions.  Bags and buckets are made by Organic, are high quality, and are made in the USA!

Escape also authored the extensive guidebook to Willow River.  This book has color photos, the history of the crag and the individual climbs, all the link up routes, and more.  A must have for hard climbing in the Midwest.

escape-climbing-chalk-bag event_217938602 guidebook


MCA – Minnesota Climbers Association

Donate directly to the MCA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Or, become an Access Fund member with the joint MCA/AF membership.

mca_bw     5352387441_e439f0c448


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