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Reel Rock in Minneapolis

Just announced: Reel Rock Film Tour coming to Minneapolis Saturday, October 4; brought to us by Midwest Mountaineering.  This years tour features Valley Uprising: Yosemite’s Rock Climbing Revolution. Trailer: Midwest Mountaineering has not yet announced the date that tickets will go on sale. *****

SCS Youth Nationals Update

Been lax with Youth SCS coverage this year, so here is the update! According to a quick scan of yesterdays results, 3 MN climbers have made it through to semi-finals in sport climbing and 5 have made it to semis in speed climbing. Good luck to our local youth competitors!! Sport: Coulter Holden (MYC) from Midwest … Continue reading


We Should Climb Together

“We should climb together.” Mark and I said that to each other at least a dozen times.  We were the kind of climbers who knew each other from around the gym and the crag.  We’d run into each other and 20 minutes later, the conversation would inevitably end with that phrase. There are many types of climbers in my … Continue reading


The 40 Year Old Virginian

Born in Virginia and raised in Maryland, I began climbing in Minnesota at the age of 34.  This year, I turned the big 4-Oh my god what am I doing with my life?!?, and set about to test myself with the climber’s birthday challenge; climbing the number of routes equal to your age in a single day. Originally … Continue reading


Taylors Falls Bouldering

I’ve been climbing for about 6 years now and am predominately a sport climber.  However, I’ve been slowly developing a love of bouldering over the past couple of years.  This Saturday, I made a run to Taylors Falls with my kids to do a little hiking and to hopefully squeeze in a climb or two. … Continue reading

By the Numbers

Back at work after a long week of birthday travels, I began looking at the climbs from my 40 in the North Forty project.  Here is a quick breakdown: Specifically, here are the 40 climbs that I did (in order) in the North Forty one day this past weekend in honor of my 40th birthday: Route Grade (book) … Continue reading


Kyra Condie – 2014 ABS Youth National Champ Heads to SCS

Today begins the qualifying round of the 2014 SCS (Sport Climbing Series) Open National Championship at Sender One Climbing, Chris Sharma’s gym located in Santa Ana, CA. Once again from Minnesota, Kyra Condie will be competing against the best women sport climbers in the country for the title of Open National Champion.  Last year at … Continue reading

River Boulder; Sandstone, MN
Photo: Lynn Larson 5/8/14

Thawing Out in MN with Daylight Saving Climbing

The practice of Daylight Saving Time was observed in most of the country again this past weekend.  On my Facebook feed, there were a lot of statuses (statii?) grumbling about loss of sleep or missed alarms, but then… then came the climbing pictures. Aside from DST kicking in, MN is having its first extended thaw … Continue reading

ABS15 Move of the Comp: Reverse Bathang?

This photo of Sidney Trinidad by Megan Abshire went viral on Facebook during the ABS15 Youth National Championship.  In the background, local MN climber and USA Climbing route setter, Nic O, looks on in amazement. I’ve just stumbled upon the video behind the photo.  This wasn’t the only amazing move Sidney made on this problem, check … Continue reading


Getting Old(er)

I just ran 2.5 miles, on a treadmill.  The last time I ran was in May 2013.  There is no combination of letters on my keyboard to create the sound my body is making right now. Next month, I turn 40.  It’s one of those significant round number years.  So, I plan to celebrate.  I … Continue reading


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